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Payables VP

Payables VP services can save you time and money:

  • Approve or pay bills on a weekly basis in less than an hour from the convenience of your mobile devices and save 50-75% of your time. Approve bills in minutes!
  • Automatically maintain digital images of all bills and history of all transactions for recordkeeping and data retrieval purposes.
  • Expedite your accounts payable and bill management processes, saving you time and greatly improving your control over cash flow.
  • Combine with Receivables VP services for accurate and timely cash flow management.
  • Improve communication by notifying vendors when bills have been approved.
  • Integrate with major accounting systems or additional virtual services.
  • Easy to learn, easy to use by non-accounting personnel.

Why we recommend virtual processing services for accounts payable:

Payables VP services eliminate all the manual tasks such as sorting, data entry, payment scheduling, check printing, envelope stuffing, mailing, filing and document storage. You simply fax or email bills, then approve for payment. Simple online tools give you anytime, anywhere access to all bills while sophisticated cash flow tools give you a visual images of your cash flow fluctuations so you can adjust payment dates to match your cash availability.

Payables VP pricing starts at $400 per month if your process fewer than 100 A/P transactions per month. This service includes a monthly subscription to and requires:

  • scan/email or fax bills to a dedicated address
  • approve bills for payment using a mobile device or computer
  • high speed internet access
  • business online banking access
  • online access to credit card accounts