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Accounting VP

Accounting VP services offers a way to outsource the tedious but necessary tasks that improve the integrity and accuracy of your accounting data.

This bundle of services includes:


  • Reconciliations for bank & merchant accounts
  • Reconciliations for investment accounts
  • Reconciliation of credit card charges and payments
  • Loan principal & interest reconciliations
  • Detailed review of your general ledger & account postings.


These functions improve the accuracy and integrity of your accounting information so that your internal financial reports are dependable and reliable. When you have experienced bookkeeping staff or utilize other VP services the addition of controller level tasks through Accounting VP services is the last step in preparing your accounting records for financial statements, tax returns or auditors. Outsourcing these functions can relieve your internal staff of the frustrating and time-consuming processes which they dread and procrastinate over. Accounting VP services require online access to your accounting data and online access to all your financial accounts (bank, credit card, investment & loan accounts).

Accounting VP services = reconciliations + review of G/L + financial reporting + online accounting software + your business online banking

Accounting VP service pricing starts at $300 per month if total general ledger transactions do not exceed 200 per month. This service includes a monthly subscription to QuickBooks Online and requires:


  • high speed internet access
  • business online banking access
  • online access to credit card accounts
  • online access to merchant accounts