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Cash Flow VP

Cash Flow VP services offer incredible insight into your cash flow forecast.

Cash Flow VP is a bundle of services which combines Payables VP, Receivables VP and Payroll VP services to give you total visibility into cash flow projections. In a world where “cash is king” and “time is money” you need to be constantly aware of how much money is scheduled to come in through accounts receivable, how much is scheduled to go out through payroll and accounts payable AND you need to know NOW! You need the information in the palm of your hand, accessible from a mobile device and in a graphic format that tells you at-a-glance where you stand. That’s what Cash Flow VP services will do!

Increase margins, reduce costs, and grow profits with Cash Flow VP services:

Traditional accounts payable and accounts receivable processes are highly manual, involving a multitude of steps, excessive amounts of paper, detailed filing, software, systems and a lot of valuable time. As your trusted business advisor and accounting professional, we recommend highly secure, cloud-based accounting service solutions for all your bill payment, receivables processing and cash flow management needs. Cloud-based accounting service solutions can automate these processes, increase efficiencies significantly, and eliminate the laborious process of sorting, posting, scheduling, paying, collecting and filing, while adding more hours for you and your staff to dedicate to running your business.

Cash Flow VP services = Payables VP + Receivables VP + Payroll VP + Tax VP + your accounting software + your business online banking

Cash Flow VP pricing starts at $600 per month if your process fewer than 150 combined A/P and A/R transactions per month. This service includes:

This service requires:

  • email addresses for each customer
  • creation of invoices on software that can sync to our system. QuickBooks, Peachtree, Intacct and many others sync seamlessly
  • scan/email or fax bills to a dedicated address
  • approve bills for payment using a mobile device or computer
  • high speed internet access
  • business online banking access

  • Monthly fees will vary depending on volume of transactions and number of users
  • Fees will be reviewed and re-evaluated on a regular basis
  • Fees are charged on a per company basis